Deer caught in the headlights

047_AW_13Drats. I meant to show all the visitors this book yesterday – it’s one CC recommended and I’m so enjoying it. Every few days, or once a week,
I read one artists’ answers to the set questions. I was prompted to post this arv, as I just read a small bit about one artist and his brush cleaning – it seems the more I read the more I see great honesty about their habits. These wonderful painters are not all sitting around obsessively cleaning their brushes, they’re timetables are often ‘set’ but realistic – ‘I’m in the studio for 8 hours but I paint for about 4 of those’. It’s funny what relief you can get from such a statement.

I’d spent the week wondering if I should hide some of the stage 1 canvasses from the visitors. I referred to them as car accidents – can’t look away, but it’s a bit grisly! But in the end I let ’em hang out. So for those who saw the canvas on the easel yesterday, I’ve added some more base colour, picking out the beautiful bottle shapes. It all feels a bit cartoon-like at this point but there’s so much more to add.

And for the High-Deserters, we had a hilarious moment of talking about the deadline …
I think this Wide-Bayer may have looked a bit like a deer caught in the headlights just thinking about the dates for shipping. But like all good woodpeckers we shall chip away at it. Chip chip. And I’ll continue to comfort-read from this magic book and chuck out the guilt! Thanks again CC.


One thought on “Deer caught in the headlights

  1. Truly glad that you are enjoying the book. I first read it front to back. Actuallly Joan Snyder first, then front to back.

    Now I pick it up now and again and again and pluck through randomly. One of those books for me. CC

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