Hang Ups

Hi Nolan,  Adrienne, often-canvas folks,

Artist Richard Timperio appears to staple straight to the wall, no stretcher, no hems, no pockets, no grommets:


I don’t know . . . I think my stuff needs the slight constraint, tautness, depth of a stretcher. This approach would sure take care of one of our specific Pacific shipping/exhibiting issues though. CC

4 thoughts on “Hang Ups

  1. Great stuff… tho’ it helps that he owns the gallery so he won’t mind the staples :-}
    Same for me, the stretching/restretching will work for me best, me thinks. Great link, thanks.

  2. I have a friend that shows in a gallery where he is required to frame the work. The gallery also happens to be a frame shop. Probably a common practice. As he points out, they do give him a discount! CC

  3. I’m not sure why it was surprising for me to learn this, but some painters work on the wall or floor then crop a portion or portions to stretch. I’ve always been kind of locked into a set picture plane from the start. CC

  4. I just saw a great show in Santa Fe where about half the artist’s canvases were simply pinned to the wall and they looked fabulous. I’m thinking mine are a bit too ‘structured’ for this. But, to Australia, I’m sending two diptychs of paper pieces….clipped, no frames. O boy.

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