DP 1

DP 2 plus pirate ship 'Pearl'


Sam 2

Pirates!  Arghh!!!!!

Mary Poppins statue

I went to Maryborough, one hour or so South of Bundaberg yesterday, to present a digital projection for the Mary Poppins Festival. Trevor Spohr is Art and Cultural Development Officer based at Gatakers Artspace, and he had arranged this event some time back.
Maryborough is the birthplace of Mary Poppins author, PL Travers.
Gatakers Artspace

Above is a picture of the two buildings on the right that comprise Gatakers Artspace. They are magnificent buildings. The umbrellas are being put out as decorations for the Mary Poppins Festival. Gazebos and gas heaters too!

It was a beautiful evening…Irish band playing, lots of delicious foods and wines. Art and crafts. And of all things a magnificent little pirate ship on wheels accompanied by four pirates.

That little ship, named ‘Pearl’, had come with its owners from the Sunshine Coast to be part of today’s festivities. It would be such a treat for young children to take rides in the ornate ship, ferried around by four scary, but funny too, pirates.

Apparently, people enjoyed the projections I had prepared, so it was a very successful evening.

Above are a few of the projections I showed last night.
I had used umbrellas as my main theme…very plain and geometric shapes. Often, less can be more.
Trevor Spohr

PS Whilst in Maryborough, Trevor showed me some of the objects he will use for his assemblage. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.


2 thoughts on “Trevor

  1. GREAT photos Chris, the projections look beautiful and the little ship is a beauty! Lovin’ Trevors box of tricks there… exciting times.

    See you tonight at Bill Spiers show, I’m staying with friends out on the coast so don’t need to make the big trek home.

  2. Eager to see the post-alchemy that transforms the box of castaways into Art.

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