Holy hot dogs Batman…

Happy 4th July, High Desertsters!


7 thoughts on “Holy hot dogs Batman…

  1. Holy Turkey Burgers! It was warm, but pleasant out on the deck here on the Terrace. We moved to the neighbors yard for cherry pie and viewing the city fireworks. CC

  2. Sounds delicious, but I suppose it is about other things really. A wonderful day to share and reflect.
    Best wishes to all c x

  3. Indeed, we reflect a good deal on our Personal Freedoms on Independence Day.

    I’d share, but such international communications are especially subject to monitoring by the NSA. Kidding guys, kidding.

    Guys? . . .

  4. We 4th’d it up in Santa Fe. Reflected not on our independence from Britain…we DO have that, but on our lack of independence re: our own government…. Not a happy 4th as it is ‘supposed’ to have been. But, hey…. since I think most of the world is in iffy shape re: human rights, what’s a body to do? Time for a new rebellion? Key word: OCCUPY.

    There, that should settle it.

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