Back from Santa Fe

I’m back from a 10-day retreat on mountaintop above Santa Fe, helping an old school mate move belongings into his house on 80 acres of forest at 8400′.  Although mostly hard work and superior hiking, I did get time off for good behaviour to visit Santa Fe galleries, Georgia O’Keefe museum, and Bandelier National Monument.  The latter is an ancient cliff-dwelling settlement of Native people in a beautiful canyon, complete with running water in the river….so nice to hear that sound again.  Unlike Christine, all body parts more or less intact, although I am going to tempt fates on my bike this AM.

Image  Above Santa Fe from 3000 m.

Image  My mate’s manse/worksite….not too shabby.

Image  Summer Solstice coincided with a “super moon” event, colored by forest fire smoke.  Such a shabby view from his terrace, I know.

Image  Taking the original trail down into canyon to see Bandelier ruins.


Image Home for the 4th…appreciating my own independence as an artist, a year after divorce.


5 thoughts on “Back from Santa Fe

  1. Hmmm. As long as construction is going on, your Mate might spare a couple of acres and a casita for his visiting artist-in-residence friend? Nice country up there.

  2. whoa, nice pix and lovely space your pal has there. Hope you got to see the Sammy Peters show at LewAllen Downtown and the Covington Jordon one at Gebert on Canyon Road. AND the Betsy Emil pieces at theCenter for Contemporary Art….We were there for 4 fabulous films. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING****; 20 STEPS FROM STARDOM****; FRANCES HA***…then over to another theatre for BEFORE MIDNIGHT****. Had to see all in Santa Fe because Las Cruces hardly gets the ‘better’ more artful films. Only the Fountain Theater and those are night ones and we live too far away for that (we’re older, ya know).

  3. We will have to get this blog made into a book. It is possible apparently. It would look great with all your fine photographs in it Dave. cx

  4. I caught Sammy Peters’ work but not the others. Did see Robert Highsmith and Nancy Begin Smith watercolors at Marigold instead.

  5. Agree with CC – a little casita tucked away for visiting artists sounds like a very sensible suggestion 🙂

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