Hah! I’m done all you slackers!

After procrastinating in the heat (which limits hiking, biking, gardening, and painting to the same few morning hours), I finally put the finishing touches on the 4th of my paintings for WBHD show.  Now I get to switch back to paintings of Oz and other scenes.  The rest of you can stress out until complete. Cackle cackle!

This one’s called “Chinaberry Blue (La Mesa)”, and is the loosest, most impressionist of the pieces for the show (aka, lazy).  It also uses acrylic for the chinaberries themselves, instead of purist watercolour.  I spotted the scene about 6 months ago in the little ag hamlet of La Mesa south of town.  And wouldn’t you know the owner of the home drove by just as I was photographing these doorways, so I got to do my little trespassing dance.  Always carry a business card as an artist for such moments.

DDS Watercolor-chinaberry blue-7jul13-f

(full-sheet size:  53 x 61 cm / 21 x 24″)


12 thoughts on “Hah! I’m done all you slackers!

  1. Such a good eye for detail, your photographers eye , clues to story or a lyric, I want to walk through this blue door, pick a chinaberry, are they edible? That patch of sky , movement of the shadows .. lovely

  2. Gorgeous.

    Now get out here you and finish some of mine!

  3. Really like this one, David. Though….who you calling a slacker???? Think I was the first finished with my 4….a month ago!

  4. First impression of this work is of a gentle flow of energy….and then the blue door!!…defiant!! cx

  5. Best of the lot. Lovely.

    I’ve four WBHD paintings, but am I finished? I’ll know in a few weeks. Something still gnawing . . . CC

  6. Actually…..I think it was me who finished first!! Haha!!! cx

  7. Mmmm Interesting customs you have in NM. Thanks Nolan. cx

  8. OK, read your entire post and see they ARE Chinaberry’s. duh. But, NOT ‘lazy’…..beautiful. Sometimes less is, indeed, MORE! Bravo, mr. S.

  9. I don’t have a business card, but I do have an artistic license.

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