Afternoon Tea at Coonar Beach

Afternoon Tea at Coonar Beach

I started this work some time back…just needs a biscuit on the plate I think and it will be done.


7 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Coonar Beach

  1. It’s gorgeous, and I chortled when I first opened the pic! The budgies are classic, and iced vo vo would go very nicely with their pink blossoms, but perhaps not regal enough fare for the Princess. At first I thought she had light bulbs in her crown but I see they are just fabulous pearls. This is a gem Christine :-]

  2. “Afternoon Tea at Coonar Beach” is beautiful Christine. The multilayering is subtle yet so effective and the iconic Arnott’s iced vo vo brings back so many memories. I agree with Adrienne, very regal.
    Nita Rosher

  3. Hey, didn’t you already win this race?

    Seriously, good to see your latest WBHD posted here. CC

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