This morning was a stunning walking morning so I thought I’d show a little of what I see on this regular route.


The entry to the off leash area. Some days I let people use this for hitting small white balls with sticks, but all other times it’s ours. A small range on the horizon, lots of gum trees, native and feral grasses, and Sunday checking her pee-mails.


A flowering bottle-tree (Callistemon) caught my eye today. We’re having a warm winter which is possibly confusing the plants.


The oft mentioned Mt Perry 750m. It’s very nice of them to mow all this grass for us.


There’s many good stories here… I don’t  know any of them yet.


Stopping at McKays for milk on the way home. Keith, in the doorway, is 81, still lifts truck tires, bales of hay, works 6 days a week with his childhood sweetheart, Barb, 80. They’ve run this business all their lives, and their son and wife now work with them. They are one of the two retail outlets in town. The General Store (town tour next week) sells food, newspapers and takeaways. Post office is open 3 hours a day. It’s a wee place, our Mt Perry.


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  1. sigh…this can be expressed with a symbol perhaps?


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