Hi Peggy!

Hi Peggy, How are you going? We would love to hear from you. Did I see a photo of your gorgeous Chihuahuas a while back ?

How is your work going? cx

12 thoughts on “Hi Peggy!

  1. Precisely! Please Peruse Pertinent Picture – Peg ‘n Pups, Paper on Portland Pavement: “Meet the Artists.”

  2. Peer pressure Peggy!
    I hear that you are doing some very good hand-made paper work and can assure WBHD cohorts that is no pulp fiction.

  3. Chortle. You guys are wags. I’m going away this weekend and Trudie and Jenny(I think Jenny?) will be there… I will be smiling and pretending my pieces are all going really really well. I’m sure they don’t read my posts… do you Trudie, Jenny? Nuk nuk.

  4. Peggy … Peggy … we know you’re ‘out there’ … P e g g y …?
    @Adrienne – why I hang on every word said! Trudie and I had a long chat to Dave on Friday, and I’m wondering if you have any exciting news to share with us yet? I’m still trying to get all the pieces to come together before I can report on my little project.

  5. Jenny, the brightly coloured phoenix has not yet delivered the golden lamington 😀

  6. Oh, that is wonderful news. We are really looking forward to hearing from her.

    I will be seeing Trevor tomorrow and will have more word of him also. cx

  7. Oh, sure, Dave, sure…..she’s outta town. hahaha. She will be joining us on the 27th for lunch…with her husband. O boy. So, even if she doesn’t blog….she IS a real person and a good artist.

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