So, we had the first rattlesnake on our property (that we’ve seen) yesterday. A smallish one, only about 28 inches long. Winkler found him and pointed him out to me and it took me about 30 seconds before I could see him…about 4′ away from me! Surprised the heck out of Winkler as he bent down and grabbed a bunch o’bad (too tall) grass to pull. The little guy was sleeping under it. So, no rattling, no bites. We just throw little rocks near him so he will move back up the hill. He slithered under a rock so we let him be. This is NOT a pix of him…but two a pal found on her property earlier and had the sense to take a shot of them.
Not to fret those coming to lunch on the 27th….they seldom come on the deck. haha


7 thoughts on “snakes.jpg

  1. Oh dear!!!!!!!!! So many hazards you have there Nolan!!

  2. Perhaps Nolan worked on that patterning with her ‘yam brush’?
    Amazing creatures.

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