Getting by with a little help from my friends…

055_AW_13Okay, I’ve made it back to the blog … from the dark cave of hibernation.

To be honest, I had about 2 weeks there where I just could not make one of the WBHD paintings work. Instead of being paralysed I kept working and working and working. Taking my own advice, ignoring my own advice, I thought about yelling, I thought about a good howl, but in the end it all came down to the big brush and knocking out the bits that had been quite the struggle. It’s almost there now, and I’ve brought another couple close to the end too. The good end.

Enter stage left, my lovely friend Lin who came to Mt P this weekend to run a ‘What makes a good photo’ workshop for our little town. 12 of us attended and it was a great morning, with her strong messages being about intent, and that you don’t need to get hung up on your equipment to take a good photo. And when we got home I put her to work priming some canvasses … despite the ‘Assistant and the Ass’ photo I did do the stretching while she primed. But basically she brought calm and help to a slightly frazzled friend and sitting with wine at the end of the day, watching the moon rise over the house was lovely.

056_AW_13The other day I stopped and photographed this tree stump I pass regularly. Even though I’m still in the middle of WBHD work I’m thinking about some of the next pieces for another show in October. Maybe the nice new white canvasses help open me up to these thoughts, and getting over the recent blip has gotta help!



4 thoughts on “Getting by with a little help from my friends…

  1. Bravo Big-Brush. Congratulations.

    The “Stump” photo reminded me of painter/professor Hirmam Williams’ “Ortons Stump.”

    * ” HIram . . . passed this stump every moring as he took [his] two mile walk . . . This stump had stood for so long that it became a symbol for tenacity. . . ”

    Hiram could evoke anthropomorphic/symbolic connections in paintings all kinds of inanimate objects.

    Wish that I had an image to share. Hiram’s work is woefully unrepresented on line and in color photography plates in books. A shame.

    * “HIram Williams images of compassion” Larson.

  2. Having just been whale watching for a project in Hervey Bay, south of here, I couldn’t help but notice how much this stump looked like a breaching whale I saw that day. The whale launched itself out of the water, turning as it did so… displaying his beautiful white belly against the blackness of his back and sides. One of life’s treasured moments!

  3. Oh lovely comments. Hiram sounds interesting too. And the whale, great visual Chris, definitely breaching out of the grass.

  4. How we are all influenced by our environments. Living in missile-range land, the tree looks like the remains of a test rocket! CC

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