Bundaberg to Las Cruces

Hey, can anyone tell me what is the best way to travel Bundaberg to Las Cruces, via the Grand Canyon and a week or two in NY???


2 thoughts on “Bundaberg to Las Cruces

  1. If I had the time and the means, I’d spend a lot of time by train w sorties by car to see the country SW to SE, spend good time, but less time in New York, and loop back NE to NW. Minimize flight time. Quick answer.

  2. Fly Brisbane to El Paso (or LA if you’re game to drive from there!) then hire a car. It’s an overnight stop to get to the Grand Canyon from LC but if you’ve got the time you can see plenty of amazing sights in the 4 Corners region (almost all require a vehicle to get to them). Then either fly to NY from El Paso, or if your ticket and car hire will allow, drive to Denver or other larger city and fly to NY from there. Give me a call if you want to discuss options or need more info Christine.

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