Back to the Pocket

Hello fellow artists and followers. My apologies for the long pause between blogs. Work has taken up a major part of the last few weeks, but I manged to take some time off to concentrate on the project.

Here’s a few images of the Pocket after the floods. The water came within a few metres of my back door. I had to evacuate the chickens to the safety of the back verandah.

Copy of P1010753

Copy of P1010745P1020692

Copy of P1010751

My untidy studio.



Above is a photo of my father and his twin sister Alice. Dad lived down the road on the Mary river when he was young man.  He recounted a story where he delivered prescriptions on his bike for a local chemist. The chemist gave dad his collection of specimens in bottles. Dad  kept them under the house. The prized collection was washed away in the 1955  floods.  This event gave me a starting point for the artwork that I am making for the exhibition. Some of my previous works have also been triggered by conversations with my father.



Some of the flood destruction.



Below are some of the objects I have collected and have used in the works.



Below are examples of previous works. (Details.)


I will talk about the new work in my next blog.



4 thoughts on “Back to the Pocket

  1. Hi Trev,
    Your previous works are profound. I imagine they encapsulate many stories from times past and of course brilliantly executed.
    Looking forward to seeing your new works.

  2. Hello Trevor,

    I can only make out previous work in detail, but can tell that you have your carefully collected objects assert themselves as meaningful objects, yet work as a whole. No mean feat.

    Rich and compelling. Can’t wait to see them. CC

  3. Such textured stories, I want to run my hand over them – with permission of course. Are they set in a resin Trevor? or a kind of concrete?

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