Oh goodness!

Oh goodness, we have had a call for our works from Trudie and Jenny!! I will have to make some decisions now of which pieces to send…..and what to do about having them printed!!! cx


6 thoughts on “Oh goodness!

  1. me, too. I’m finished with the Australian works, but have to title them FAST. Small, works on paper to be clipped for hanging. Easy. But, titles? Today.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….my pieces are in the hands of Catherine…the Las Cruces gallery owner. Whew. We had a swell luncheon here yesterday with Catherine, Donald, Dave, Peggy & Joel, Carey and meself & Winkler. Too much fun and so good to get to know a few a bit better. Relaxation and food and friends….does it get better?

  3. Enjoyed a great gathering of the Deserters at Nolan/Winkler’s on Saturday.
    Started two more WBHD paintings on Sunday. A good weekend. CC

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