Back in the studio


Hello everyone .. I’m back in the studio my arm in a bright green splint … working on my books .. with the wbhd deadline fast approaching ..
Here’s my first finished work. I’ve hinged the small canvasses together with some old fabric and boxed in the back with corrugated card something like the straight pattern of the ploughed cane fields .. the square of fabric on the middle canvas was torn from my brush wipe rag thought it looked like a reddirt stained rug .. added the old handle .. and felt that’s it !

6 thoughts on “Back in the studio

  1. Fun and a little unsettling at the same time. Atmospheric. CC

  2. Thanks heaps for the lovely coments .. I’m going to keep the word unsettling in my head as I kick myself along with my half finished others

  3. It’s delicious Susan, I want to dive into that red… perfect for Unsettled Gallery :-]

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