painting again….o boy, o boy!

painting again....o boy, o boy!

about 41″x 29″ acrylic and wax crayon on paper. Feels so good to be a ‘fine’ artist again. Whew.


6 thoughts on “painting again….o boy, o boy!

  1. well, I’ve already changed it and added the potato. haha. Don’t know how to add it here, so will have to take up space with a new post. Blog illiterate, donchaknow?

  2. I love this version Nolan. Been looking back and forth, and I like both, but definitely prefer this one 🙂

  3. No control alt Z in painting., but thanks to photography, you can enjoy this version now and the other version tater.

  4. oooooooo, sorry Jenny G….this one is g o n e in ‘real life.’ I’ve even added some small graphite touches to the other finished one, haha. Not going to post it again though. Just a timid start at being back at work.

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