Still scribbling at the beach

Still scribbling at the beach

Last day is tomorrow, then back to the bush. Going out on that sea later in Nearest’s wee boat.


5 thoughts on “Still scribbling at the beach

  1. What a beautiful spot! what’s that interesting white sea urchin look a like on the table?

  2. Back in the bush now. Missing the sea sound, of course. Hilarious CC, it’s all the pleasure of a boat, but without the wobbly sea legs and having to walk on the cupboards when the wind is up.

    Susan, that delightful urchin is a lamp! We’ve been going to spot off and on for about 12 years and I’ve wanted to schnaffle it each time.

  3. wow looks beautiful A! You have just managed to teleport me out of my sea of emails to a sea of dreams

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