Grill art

Grill art

Don’t think I’ve shared this here before, but I was telling the Las Cruces group when they were here, that this ‘sculpture’ (yes…we PAID for it) casts a beautiful late morning shadow. Here it is…A R T, folks.


16 thoughts on “Grill art

  1. Ahh the ‘sculpture’s’ secret life unfolding for all to see! each day every day

  2. Roana…look…it has ears and wings….a 5 winged bat! (shadow)
    And Christine….go to a wrecking yard…bet you could find similar. =]

  3. I think Picasso would have tried the shadow’s shape with his moustache at some point?

  4. Good idea Roana…..I haven’t been to the dump shop in a while!!!

  5. And thankyou Nolan for the grill advice. I just love dump shops, but I am trying not to go to them any more!! You should see my storage shed. It’s ridiculous! cx

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