One cover and one page


Here’s a page from the book that was completed today with a print and a poem and a bit of red paper because it was just asking for it ..


And the cover .. thanks to my neighbour Denise who punched the holes and cut the mat board when my hand wouldn’t play the game, and she came with pancakes and maple syrup .. magic!


5 thoughts on “One cover and one page

  1. Susan, are the prints etchings? They are beautiful. I love your drawings. Thoughtful. And you write poetry as well? Wow, impressive. Love these pictures.

  2. The prints are beautiful, a delight. Well done on working around that wrist, and hope it’s healing well. Sounds like your neighbour is a pretty special assistant :-]

  3. I can appreciate that the book is laying on the blank WBHD “list of art to be included . . . ” form!
    Can’t wait to see your work here in Cruces. Almost there! CC

  4. Sorry for delay in reply Nolan .. been away just catching up on the blog .. it moves along .. I’m going to miss it .. The print on the cover is a foil print .. using the silver foil inside of a milk caron as the plate .. suprising the detail you can get from it ..and the other is a base of plaster mixed with aquadere scrapped over mat board as it dries you can press bits into it and when its dry scratch a drawing then seal .. great fun .. I’ll post a picture of the plate tonight

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