18″x 18″ acrylic and wax crayon on panel. Yep, that’s my childhood there. In Los Angeles. The works I am sending to Queensland also have stories… Doesn’t every painter wish to be a writer, too?

5 thoughts on “SHE’S OLDER THAN THAT NOW

  1. This looks like a different direction Nolan. What do you think? I think I like. Want to see. CC

  2. Not so much. If you recall the one you liked in my studio…JOKER’S TWISTING SIGNS IN EVERY MILE….it has drawing in it, too, and is also about my home stuff. I do not have a ‘palette’ or ‘look’ other than the energy of the brush or crayon, so…. I think this isn’t a new direction but maybe a bit of a take off of an older one?

  3. Sigh. I love this. The marks are beautiful, and the palette. Thanks Nolan, very inspiring.

  4. Oh yes .. ..words in our paint is like lyrics to the music .. Intriguing rich .. I like it very much!

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