Sketches from the beach

057_AW_13Gouache sketches from the beach are hung, and WBHD pieces hang drying after a few last minute touch ups. (eek)

Nary a grain of sand in the sketches tho’ the final one is mysteriously Pacific blue. White gums in rain mist.


These are prep for another project that is gonna tie me in knots for a while. This could be handy as I’m headed to a yoga retreat at the beginning of September.059_AW_13 :-]

Still finishing my two pieces for Childers. Ahem. Sorry Jenny and Trudie. Just bravely whispering that out loud.


5 thoughts on “Sketches from the beach

  1. I’m drawn to that red bottle tree Adrienne ..( just quietly I’m only finishing my second book tonight and still one work to finish for Childers ! ) but it’ll be right on the night .. going to be a great opening looking forward to it

  2. This can be our little secret Susan :-]
    Today should be my last big day on the WBHD works… should…

  3. Can’t . . . quite . . . make these out. Waiting to see them full-on at the Unsettled Gallery.

  4. Pssst . . . would it be totally against the rules to ship a couple of drawings with your paintings for The Unsettled’s side gallery? I mean, drawings could fall into one’s mailing tube without one even realizing until it was too late!

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