I’m sorry to say that I don’t think I can be in Las Cruces for the exhibition opening. I have my first Grandson arriving the end of next month, one son off again to Afghanistan and a big projection job for the Centenary celebrations of 100 years of Bundaberg becoming a city in November.

It also looks like my little art gallery, ‘Dirty Linen’ might be about to take off at last!!!! It has taken years of work. I am thinking of attaching a small bed sitting room to the gallery to entice some good folk to come visit, especially the Las cruces mob!!! I might get to NM next year. cx


4 thoughts on “Trip

  1. What an exciting time you have ahead though, sniff, we shall have to postpone the Thelma and Louise roadtrip! I head into Bundy tomorrow to start booking my flights to NM, but I will be at the Childers opening :-]

  2. Exciting times! Fantastic news Adrienne … and another artist residency option in Bundaberg is great too Chris 🙂

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