started out DARK, then to mid tones and now to mostly light. Quietly written in the symbolic crossword it says: CNN AT THE END OF THE WORLD .. lyrics from a Terry Allen song i love. Never watch CNN unless at a motel…no TV other than PBS. More and more they are alike. 24″x 24″ acrylic, crayon and graphite on wood panel.


3 thoughts on “MORNING RITUALS

  1. There is magic in 24-square. What is going on with you? What a run. Boom. CC

  2. The run lasts only a short time usually. Life interferes. I lunged for a ball last week on the court and tweaked my back. Can’t mow, can’t easily pull weeds; certainly cannot clean house…. I CAN stand at the painting wall and go for it. Also, these are in the Home Base series and quite personal in their way, so maybe that makes them somewhat faster. Who knows? But, I love taking advantage of a roll. Also…these panels had all been prepped long ago when I was ‘dry.’ So gesso coat and a couple others were already on them. Just no imagery or idea of imagery. Starts then failures and paint outs is what they were! Winkler is no fan of this painting. He has a hard time with yellow and white on white. Prefers my dark stuff. ha. I needed to do this one. And it will stay.

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