The last 2 Pocket panels



7 thoughts on “The last 2 Pocket panels

  1. Oh my giddy Aunt, Trevor, they are extraordinary. I really look forward to seeing these … do they hang in the portrait format? or not hang? I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. We are going to have to start calling you ‘the quiet achiever’ aren’t we? Stunning works Trevor!

  3. I’ve started looking down. Snatching rust and shine form the dirt on work-to-home trudges. I attribute this to two things: Keeping my head down against the merciless New Mexico summer sun and Trevor. Gleaning along Picacho, the items are much more prosaic than Travor’s. I have not happened upon a tuba or toy sidearm. Mostly automotive related rusty twists. A bullet. a heart shaped lock. A tisted aluminum “5.” A couple of objects made it onto/into my last post, a Hacienda ruin on panel. My father pressed spent bottle caps patterns into modeling paste and silver leaf when I was eight or nine. I still love and covet that collage. Yet I resist incorporating found objects into collage. Why? Because I think using found objects it is difficult to do well. Trevor does so extrordinarily well. I’ll continue my urban traverse shell hunts and expect that the detritus will land on a few future pieces, confident that I won’t be following Trevor too closely. But I thank him for the spark. CC

  4. Yes looking so interesting Trevor .. like a choir master teaching those objects to sing in tune!!
    And like your writing CC

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