Fridge Cleaning

Peg and Joel Brown were able to join me and a few other friends to help clear out food in the fridge before I head off on Aussie Tour 2013 on Tuesday.  Throw enough things in the pots with lots of spices and voila, Indonesian Feast!  Sorry I didn’t remember the camera until table scraps were cleared.

I suppose if I were a more divinely inspired artist, this would be analogous to a Last Supper?  But alas, just another hack with a brush facing a true last supper of leftovers in a few days.  Looking forward to some Moreton Bay Bugs and Bangalore Bangers pretty soon, though!




4 thoughts on “Fridge Cleaning

  1. I will arrange one of my famous ‘Dirty Linen Artspace’ parties when you come to Bundaberg!!! cx

  2. We could even do some video projections around town, using some of your amazing images!!!!! I don’t think we will get arrested, Ha ha!

  3. Dang, Dave….where IS Peggy? Huh? I thought you showed her how to blog with us. Have the greatest of times in Australia and the US East coast. Busy man.

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