Finished, well just about

The bystander and the bone

Just getting back and catching up with the blog and what you have all been doing. I was a little timid about blogging in the beginning but am very comfortable in your good company now and feel it’s been a great experience.
Here’s my second work for Charts ‘The Bystander and the Bone’ with just some gluing to go, and maybe a perspex window over the bystanders compartment
There’s some torn up bits from stored works on paper in there.. felt good to cut them up ! And while pillaging the draws a few artworks generously jumped up and suggested they could be torn and turned into artist books, I’ve enjoyed making the books for Unsettled so much. Of course my hand not being quiet back to scratch was the impetus for this pilfering of the past after a third attempt to paint a bone to my liking … every cloud has a silver lining!

2 thoughts on “Finished, well just about

  1. Rusty bottle cap? They have started showing up in our laundry of late. Heather is not amused.

    Wish that we could see these along with your books here in LC. At least we can send images across the world in seconds. A miracle of our age.

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