Increasing my collection

With only a couple days left before I depart, I used this past week to make the rounds of some of the galleries, which resulted in a few more “too good to pass up” moments.  Now have works from a young native grafitti/silkscreen artist, SABA (who got my house tour today and is inspired to pick up watercolours in near future), as well as my Las Cruces watercolor “gods”: Robert Highsmith and Nancy Frost Begin.  I am sure more to come my way from all three as finances allow.



With SABA in the West End Art Depot, in front of one of his murals, and his silkscreen of “Traditions” reflecting the merger of hip-hop and graffiti artist symbols with traditional Pueblo kachina doll forms.


Robert Highsmith’s small watercolor “Dona Anas from the North”, mountains I often hike in.  Here it is on the wall with my other watercolor artist friends’ work.




Nancy Frost Begin’s hand colored woodcut, “Southwest Box Turtle”, and in its new home on my Living Room wall.






7 thoughts on “Increasing my collection

  1. ooooo love that TRADITIONS one. a beauty for sure. And the RH landscape…misty and marvelous…. Good going, Dave. It’s important!

  2. Great stuff… is this all local? How exciting for visitors! 😀

  3. Hey Dave, save some art collecting money for Queensland!

    If my other reply does not post (awaiting moderation because of links to artists that you mentioned) I repeat, take care and Godspeed.

    Hmmm. 54 YO and still awaiting moderation.


  4. Likewise Dave – they all look great but I just love the silkscreen by Saba!

  5. Ghost words to live by on that screen SABA is holding up. Alas . . .

  6. Adrienne wrote: “Great stuff… is this all local? How exciting for visitors!”

    Dave, SABA’s at the West End Art Depot. Is Highsmith at Phillip’s? Where is Begin showing? Let us know when you slow down for a moment.

    HIghsmith/Begin are a long way from where I’m coming from, but undeniably gobsmack’n jaw droppers. A Highsmith display at the convention center literally stopped me in my tracks.

    Since it looks like the links are not going to post, I encourage people to Google ’em for an overview.

    SABA’s web site address is included in his print (Smart – it worked.)

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