Abstract Sequence

Abstract Sequence

The latest. 20″x 20″ (as are all those 18″x 18″ ones I’ve done and mislabeled of late). Acrylic on panel. I was going to call it IN MY LIFE, but WinklerCakes and I came up with the ABSTRACT SEQUENCE title and I think it is more thought provoking. I do like to provoke thought in the viewers, if possible. (Even if it’s simply someone saying I cannot ‘render’ a cup well.) I have never done a ‘black and white’ painting before. Just a bit of one of the undercoats showing through. Otherwise: titanium white and payne’s grey.


10 thoughts on “Abstract Sequence

  1. Like the gestural “clouds” Xpecshallie.
    All Praise be to Our Stormy Lady of Pigments for T-White & Paynes Grey.

  2. This has made me pause for thought, I don’t think I’ve ever done a black and white painting before either. Hmmmm. So much is possible now that I have my black gesso :-]

    It’s beautiful Nolan, I love your ‘hand’.

  3. Nolans’s previous has me tracking down some “Artist’s Quality” wax based crayons. I got to thinking about the resist drawings that we did in grade school; crayons on manilla paper over-painted with thinned black tempra paint. Thought that it was magic. Do Crayolas fade in UV light? More so than watercolors? Didn’t used to matter. Magic was enough.

  4. Crayolas fade….but we have an encaustic painting by a California artist all done with Crayolas….most people know to keep paintings out of direct sunlight. Heck, most all paints for paintings fade if in UV light. I get my Caran D’Ache ‘neocolors’ I believe they call them….at Artisans in SFe (they have a website). Daniel Smith should have ’em, too.

  5. Thanks Nolan. Direct UV is not friendly to our own hides here in the high desert either.
    Should be getting an order of art supplies delivered today (YES!!!!!) and I’ll let you know how my crayons work.
    Artisan’s is a great store! A, The Silver Saddle Motel is nearly across from Artisans.

  6. Oh, Daniel Smith is another good lead. Only recently learned about them through neighbor resident art hero and dry humourist extrordinare Steven Hanson. You are a wealth of art knowledge Nolan. I suspect you’ve “forgotten more than I’ll ever know” ; )

  7. Nolan, Supplies arrived – The “crayons” are indeed Caran D’Ache NEOCOLOR I water resistant wax pastels. I’m going to Studio One here in a few to try some resists. Thanks again.

  8. Sounds like all savings made by staying at the magic Sliver Saddle can be carried across and donated to art supplies :-]
    Look forward to seeing these crayons you’re talk about too.

  9. At Artisans in Santa Fe, you can select exactly which colors you WANT and don’t have to buy ‘their’ selection. Better. You should love them, CC. And I had planned to use the white one as my drawing medium in the ‘filmstrip’ in this painting, but I found an old, mangled, HARD brush (not a good brush cleaner am I) that worked for painting the ‘drawings’ on…so no fixative. whew.

  10. OK, I’m all over that! Color tin is a good introduction, but I DO want to select my own colors. Like them thus far. “Creamier” much richer pigment than the Crayolas for sure.
    Can come close to colors with paint, then draw back in and pull lines out. Think resist is going to work too. Good, good, good. CC

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