wbhd Las Cruces pieces

wbhd Las Cruces pieces

Since Trudie has asked for pix of them for the catalogue….not easy as they are unstretched, but…. left: Summer Aspiration. right: Winter Aspiration. Most pieces for this show are about something near and dear to New Mexicans: w a t e r! Though a couple in the diptych drawings sent to Bundaberg are not. 50/50. Now all I need to know from Trudie or any of you…is what SIZE you need pix for the catalogue….300dpi? measurement/height? … CMYK or RGB color?…


6 thoughts on “wbhd Las Cruces pieces

  1. Just weighing in with thoughts from my recent print past… Nolan, I believe it’s best to always supply it in RGB, then the designer compiling the publication uses a conversion (if needed) that suits their final print output. They usually know pretty well it’s colour nuances, or, they hand it to their printer as RGB knowing their printer prefers to tweak it for best colour output at the pre press stage. I’ve done that a lot too.

    Physically, supply it at the largest size you can, if it’s a jpeg it’ll still be an email size even in a big file. The less time we ‘save as’ a jpeg the better as a wee bit of compression happens each time. So an original camera jpeg, tweaked to suit your colour, in RGB is optimum… if it’s being handled by a pro at the other end.

    After all that, Trudie may have some specifics from her designer that counter this 😀

    Trudie, if you ever need the name of a brilliant print broker, who manages the job beautifully and trouble free!!! He changed my world in the last 10 years of the design life for a barely noticable mark up too. Bris based, but does work everywhere.

  2. postscript… the optimum optimum is a RAW file off your camera if it has that setting, stepping down then to the first jpeg file saved off that.

    Christine might have some thoughts on that too.

    The end

  3. Oh heavens, bloomin’ beautiful pieces Nolan. Can’t wait to see them in the raw.

  4. haha, thanks, Adrienne. My jpegs are in Australia as I type. I first sent them, one by one, in PDF format as that’s what is normally requested of me for print…or TIFFs…but they are WAY too large a file to send via email. Trudie then let me know Jpegs are best for her. Also, when working with printers, I’ve always had to ‘fix’ in CMYD colors. But RGB works here. So thanks. done.

  5. I like the format and the less common depiction here of New Mexico, the original “Sunshine State.” Selfishly delighted that these paintings will show here. CC

  6. Thanks, Carey. I think my work will certainly be the ‘quietest’ in color. Interesting that I see our colorful state this way. Guess I’m just a colorless person, dang. Even the work sent to Bundaberg is quiet in color. Hmmmmmm, what’s going on here? haha

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