Greetings from Seal Rocks

Had a great night camping, then morning hike along the beach at Seal Rocks, in Myall Lakes Nat Park.  One more night with friends in Kendall NSW, then it’s back into the bushland (smells, sounds, and light…loving it!)  Already have a few good subject-matter photos in the bag for when at BRAG, but so far too busy traveling to do any plein air work.  I’ve already got a few referrals of relatives in Bburg area to our show, as I chat my way up NSW coastline.






2 thoughts on “Greetings from Seal Rocks

  1. GadZooks I love Seal Rocks. Visited there for the first time a couple of years ago with some painting friends.

    I find travelling and sketching really hard. I have to really specify to myself that ‘this is a sketching day’. for years I’d go out on weekend bushwalks with backpack and friends and a little set of paints. And I’d come home with an empty sketch pad. Took me a while to realise I just love the walking and climbing and camping so much that it was hard to fit in the other, unless I said to self and friends… this is a sketching trip, we just happen to be carrying backpacks and tents. I will have the same grapple when I’m ogling the sights in NM!

    Enjoy Dave, plenty of time to do it all.

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