lost post…trying again. studio stuff.


NM paintings rolled and at the ready.


older near black and white painting with newer crayon colors.


wall above calligraphy/illustration light table. Missing the 9 peacocks that were next door 20 years ago. As of last year…0. waaaa


as you walk into studio near door. Edith Piaf on the phone…my first painting of her. SOLD, wheee.


next to the last pix….an old art postcard of a monotyped nude I did while under the supreme influence of teacher, Nathan Oliveira. Small grass monotype that art consultants I work with printed into 36″ prints!


and just for fun…Winkler told me he’d put up a wind meter. So I had to go check it out. He’s a keeper!

So, multiple photos with text…a first for me. wow

2 thoughts on “lost post…trying again. studio stuff.

  1. I love this post, thanks for sharing these quite personal detail views. Imagine if ALL windsocks, on all air fields, airports, landing strips, had a heart? :-]

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