PopEx Refrigerator

PopEx Agave

With our WBHD works in transit, Dave’s Artist IN Residency just getting underway and Adrienne’s trip weeks out posting some a new work here and maybe more if I have a good holiday weekend ahead. This is to paste up on our virtual refrigerator. Good ‘ol 24″ square. Acrylic pint, spray enamel, crayon on canvas.


4 thoughts on “PopEx Refrigerator

  1. Agave on the windward side? Like how you use color, CC. Don’t quite have that in me bones, but I like it. I just primed a 24″x 24″ canvas. Black and ready to go. manana, manana…. It’s RAINING up here in the boro. O boy.

  2. Thanks Nolan. I love your pallet though. Raining here too. Thanks be . . .

    Oh, this semi-coherent post? That’s the result of photographing, downloading, cropping and posting during the last 20 minutes of my lunch break, not attributable to adult beverage! Had to get this agave up on the e-fridge!

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