yi yi yi yi

Just dropping in to say I went into the studio to lay the first layer on a new, black gessoed canvas and instead started changing 3 of my previous panels….just making some areas not quite as ‘timid’ as they were. Now to reshoot, exchange them on my website….. yi yi yi yi. I love making paintings. Someone once said ‘history will tell you if it is art.’ Think that quote deserves another…..yi yi yi yi.


8 thoughts on “yi yi yi yi

  1. I’ll see if I can spot them on your web site if you don’t re-post here. CC

  2. I know, Christine….I picked it up not from the Mexican ‘yi yi yi’ but from one of my 3 favorite singer/songwriters, Terry Allen. His song, EMERGENCY HUMAN BLOOD COURIER. Fabulous. I’m going to put a YouTube of it/him here and please pay no attention to the apparently inebriated woman in the background ‘yee hawing and laughing’ at such inappropriate places. She seems to think it is a funny song. Terry Allen is a fabulous songwriter, does radio plays with his wife, Jo Harvey Allen. Is a brilliant painter/drawer and shows at L.A.Louver in Los Angeles (one of the best galleries on the west coast) and is a serious guy. So….you guys reading this, enjoy one of my favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai2fFormFlU

    yi yi yi yi

  3. Thanks for the intro Nolan… I listened to a few, the magic of YouTube…. I saw an interesting date on his website…
    10/4-5/13 Taos Center for the Arts Taos, NM
    SOMOS Storytelling Festival, Terry and Jo Harvey Allen
    Just before I fly out of AlberQ :-]

  4. Heeeee, thought you’d like that… no tickets that I can see on the somos site… but they tease with mention of a concert on the Saturday :-] Keep us posted.

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