Bits n bobs

Really enjoyed Nolans intimate shots around her studio the other day so thought I’d post a couple too…

075_AW_13073_AW_13In the frame, left, my first collagraph after I moved to Mt Perry… of Mt Perry. Print of dog from a friend, and a card of a Bower Bird painting by Brett Whiteley. On right, looking up through rack, past canvas roll, to the Charts WBHD patched and repaired piece.

072_AW_13 074_AW_13Bambi. She used to sit in my mums china cabinet, the special one with glass doors. I used to sit on the floor in front of her, asking mum over and over if I could play with Bambi. Knowing self, that was probably pretty relentless. I have Bambi now but not her, but she is constantly ‘here’ :-]

And yet another mess pile awaits – this is where I ‘fess up’ that the pile of tissue and paper is a bunch of prints watched over by Transformer the Robot who I bought from a couple in Kansas, USA. And a ‘pearler’ on the black board from Mr Whiteley.


2 thoughts on “Bits n bobs

  1. heeee. think there’s some gems buried in the mess too. Next week’s job…

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