Come Away to the Water

Come Away to the Water

Wow, CCrane….look what color your ‘pretty’ but MEANINGFUL (big difference from just a pretty painting) paintings inspired in me? ha. I had begun a teeny canvas, 12″x 12″ and they are always so difficult for me…thinking of water and my living on the Caribe for awhile, and my lifeguarding and spending my youth on the soCalifornia beaches. This began black, to taupe to these beauties. Decided less is more for this one and hope to do a couple more NOT like it but inspired by same thoughts. Whew, I can lighten up when I want to. Just tough to do it so teeny. Can you tell I used a teeny brush that I had mangled in the past? I mangle all my brushes. All acrylic


4 thoughts on “Come Away to the Water

  1. oh you guys are pumpin. this is divine Nolan, I want to be IN it :-]

  2. If exchanges here inspired this little pearl, that’s wonderful what? Synergy? Growing up in St. Petersburg yards from Tampa Bay always finds a way, even in the desert.

    Ironically I have a “dark” black, silver, Payne’s grey accretion forming around a grain of sand that you dropped into these posts. Don’t know when that will come to formition.

    Less is often more as you pointed out RE: Dave’s “Chinaberry Tree” painting (?). Speaking of accretion, simple is harder for me to do these days excepting a few last November when the Fall pixies had got me. I’ll just spin out the wheels whatever the source.CC

  3. ha, I got a comment from an Australia artist pal on my Facebook page about this one: ‘so these are the desert colors you live with?’ or something to that effect/affect (help me here someone). Because my series is called Home Base. As I told her: Home Base=heart. Or ‘echoes of another time.’ I still love my seas. I still love my desert. We artists get to do it all, eh? Smiling. Now for the hard part…….next in the studio????????

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