decided my COME AWAY TO THE WATER was too far out of the Home Base series to remain. So began a smaller series: TRAVELOGUE about places I’ve lived mostly. So, there will only be 6 in the series and here are the first 3.

5 thoughts on “TRAVELOGUE

  1. Well, another finished, but not shot. Will wait till I have all 6 finished. But, I have changed the series title to: COLORS OF MY DAYS. And the sunny one is now SUN. ha.

    Hey anyone, is Dave back there yet?

  2. lovely pieces. mmmm

    funny thing happened at the yoga retreat this weekend… met a lady who’s best friends with Dave’s best friend from here that he’s currently travelling with!

    I’m hoping he’s coming via Mt Perry week after this one, but I imagine he’s currently soaking up the Qld wilderness :-]

  3. He’ll be arriving at our place on 21 September, ready to assist your truly with our very first public chilli roast in Bundaberg at ‘Bundy Flavours.’ More to info come once I’ve got the times finalised, but Sunday 22 Sept it will be:-)

  4. Squeal! Chilli Roast! That can be the start of my training program to get chilli-fit for NM.

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