A new addition


Now, I know we are planning a serious art exhibition, to showcase some serious talent, but I just couldn’t help but buy a couple of these! Best $11 I have spent in a while!


7 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. don’t want to rain on that $11. parade, Trudie….but that’s a saguaro…an Arizona cactus. haha. But, hey, who’s to know? Sweet.

  2. Wait… hang on… nowhere in the paperwork did it say ‘serious’… stop the bus!

    Trudie, if that’s not strapped to your head in a Kahlo-esque fashion at the opening I’m gonna be a bit disappointed.

    PS excellent value agreed :-]

  3. We do have stalwart saguaro cactus transplants here in southern New Mexico that have survived and even bloomed here. Kind of a good metaphor for our HD artists.

    Hey Catherine, can you round up an inflatable ‘roo?

  4. Whew, glad I was wrong, Carey. Ha. Trudie….Kahlo style? You take the chance of out ‘performing’ the art on the walls. Wish we could all be at both openings. Would you swim Australia a LOT closer to us, please, while you’re wearing that inflatable? P l e a s e?

  5. Hi Nolan,

    Saguaros: Only by their thorns and tucked up near adobe . . . Still they can bloom.

    I’d swim to Queensland if I could! H wanted to look into traveling there, but there is no way at this point. The Bundaberg Regional Arts Council seems to have it together AND they know how to throw an Art-Party. And that country! Anyway that you could swing an artist in residency? CC

  6. I’m just truly shocked that this inflatable delight is actually an identifiable species! And yes please Christine, we would love to use your cactus. Right, so I had better find Jenny if the two of us are going to take the afternoon off to swim this lump of an island towards the states!

  7. I can positively confirm the inflatables to be Saguaro cacti, and would like to add that they even grow in Sicily, Italia!! True! I viewed 3 young specimens on my Sicilian travels and have photos to prove it 🙂 The Prickly Pear far outnumbered them however – very NM feel to lots of the landscape in Sicilia.

    Egads, I’ll have to make a Herculean effort to get rid of this damned cold if we’ve got to swim the Pacific with Cactus Floaties!

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