Greetings from Straddie!

My visit to N. Stradbroke Island is almost at a close for this trip.  So many beautiful new sights and lots of “old friends” on my hikes along the shore and in the bush.  Alas, someone tore down the shack from “Every Boy Needs a Shed” painting. Posting a small sampler of some potential new painting subjects, but I hear noise from my hosts upstairs so have to head out on morning hike soon.  Probably won’t be able to post again until I arrive in Bundy on 20th.  I’ll be bush-bashing through interior Queensland in between.











5 thoughts on “Greetings from Straddie!

  1. Hi Dave. Wow.
    I can see a wet-on-wet semi-abstraction in image two. Like ’em all. Love it. C.

  2. Yeah, we’re pretty happy with it. Especially those sand islands.

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