Gold Harvest

AW_CTH_001_GoldHarvest_EOne of the diptychs heading to Bris in a week or so, those little bales of hay stayed golden, the breaching whale stump stayed, some ghosts of bottle trees on the horizon. No great void in this piece but I just enjoyed the mark making. Still a ways to go on finishing the works … right to the wire, of course. Calling this series ‘Closer to Home’, haybales and bottle trees appearing all over the place. What I’m seeing on the drives lately.


3 thoughts on “Gold Harvest

  1. Clicked twice to see the “squoodge of big chunks of creamy oils on a big brush.” Luscious yet earthy. CC

  2. squoodge squoodge.
    should have posted size too, as it helps, 91cm/ 36″ high.

  3. Returning. . . Love the painterly brushwork at the top of the stump. CC

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