Along these Lines


No grid. No straight edge. No collage. No enamel. No masking. Original schema (Dragon’s Tail Graphic) consumed by the process. I end up along these lines. Not conventionally pretty. Started black and Paynes Gray, color insisted. Plenty of “the artists hand.” This approach lost on most viewers and most often abandoned to the stacks. Still in play? ~48 X 35. Acrylic paint on canvas. CC


5 thoughts on “Along these Lines

  1. ‘colour insisted’ made me chuckle. I won’t have the right words but there’s a magnetic thing going on, like I want to tilt forward and fall into it. Does that mean I’m seeing something watery within it? Maybe. Great marks.

  2. Wow, CC. And I chuckled at the color insisted meself. Funny how we like one another’s work so much….I’m going to put my finished 6 little ‘pups’ up next. We are so different….that’s why I think we should have a show together! Will push for that at RioBravo sooner than later.

  3. “Something watery . . . ” In my mind’s eye this was conceived as a wave. Sketched in, It became a raw-canvas/black gesso schematic dragon’s tail. Then it went all free-style on me.

    Nolan – in the spectrum of Art, I think most viewers would consider our approaches more similar than dif? Saw your work before I met you and felt kin. Still get the different thing though.

    I hope that a show with you comes together. High Desert, High Desert? Hmm. Maybe too much residual Pacific Ocean and Tampa Bay Bay (and other lives) for that. CC

  4. Highlands/Lowlands? =] Home Base/Your Base? My Desert/Your Desert? Your Desert/My Desert? Yeah, CC, our work is akin. Strangely so methinks. Brush to brush. That’s it: BRUSH TO BRUSH. hahaha

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