Making new ‘big’ friends in Bundaberg



painters, photographers, paperists practice pinching the prawns pincers, perhaps prized by Peg!

thanks to Joel for snapping Trudie, Adrienne, Chris and Peg after a lovely meal together.

pretty sure prawns don’t have pincers but I’m actually too tired to correct the bad pun via this phone screen. Lovely to meet the visitors tho đŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Making new ‘big’ friends in Bundaberg

  1. So good to meet Peggy and Joel and so sad to see them go after such a short visit! I can’t wait to see Peggy’s work!

  2. Pun precisely proper: providence pragmatically provides prawns pincers. Sincerely CC

  3. puns, phooey. But such a good one, CC, even if not a prawn. I don’t even know the difference b/w a prawn and a lobster, unless a prawn is a shrimp?

  4. Glad you had a good night (and sorry I missed yet another gathering!). Yes indeed, it’s a lobster, not a prawn (= shrimp in Americain lingo) … but then, it could also possibly be a giant freshwater Yabbie/Lobby/Crawdad/Marron … depending on your state of origin!

  5. I think I like the Prawdad Nolan. Pobby has a certain ‘ring’ to it too. Think I’ll start using these new descriptor versions.

  6. Drats. It really was a lobster wasn’t it? A loveable lobster linked laaaaadies…

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