BLESSED BREW…working title

BLESSED BREW...working title

ooooooo, rainy night, day, night, day…..another day or two. Great for studio time. Bad for all the canyons flooding and people being evacuated. Hillsboro is good so far. Whew. 20″x 20″ acrylic and water/wax crayon on wood panel. Hey, Carey….not bad for ‘rendering’ my mug, eh? hahaha. Good enough is good enough. Browns ARE my favorite colors.


5 thoughts on “BLESSED BREW…working title

  1. Mmmmm … there’s that wonderful electric blue again 🙂 alongside all those lovely ‘dirty’ browns and greys. I’m a bit of a sucker for ‘dirty’ colours!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. Me, too. And that electric blue is my fav of the crayons. Hard for me to paint blues for some reason. But I was thinking how my coffee is god each morning…er….royalty so ‘royal’ blue seemed to be the answer. And all that brown was at first just a lay in of first colors over black. Made some drips just in case I needed some (could always paint out) but then, while moving the browns around, I noticed I could get some drips to go down to the black gesso so had positive and negative drips and the Van Dyke Brown (oooooooooooooooo, sigh) made for a perfect cuppa for me so that’s how I got started knowing what the painting was going to be. Whew.

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