Water, wonderful water!

Water, wonderful water!

I can’t begin to tell you how satisfying and relaxing it is to have the sound of flowing water outside while ever the sun shines. It’s taken a very long time, but our large pond, complete with guppies, frogs, dragonflies, water lilies and water iris is finally completed. The water circulates all day through a set of ‘beehive’ flow forms, via a small solar powered pump. No batteries, no power bills, just flowing water while the sun shines 🙂 and very happy fish and frogs,


3 thoughts on “Water, wonderful water!

  1. With a hot and dry summer likely (after last years floods!) we made sure we had a spot for hot humans to sit and enjoy the water with the fish – a seat/shelf runs around the deep end opposite the flow forms.

  2. mmmmm. look forward to an update pic when the plants are powering and lilies a-blooming.

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