Orange Zone Ghosts heading for Brisbane…

700mm x 700mm (27.5″), Oil on canvas

Processing images today, cleaning edges, packing ready for transport on Monday. Tired and a bit sore, but it’s not shovelling silt… Nolan, how goes it there? From bushfires to floods, it’s oh so familiar to us too so we’re thinking of you.


3 thoughts on “Orange Zone Ghosts heading for Brisbane…

  1. Agreed. Nolan, hope the silt mountain is subsiding … not sure that’s quite the right thing to say … but you get the idea.

  2. Congrats and thanks for posting this. Glad that there is some new post WBHD work being posted between shipping and the openings. CC

  3. Love this painting, Adrienne. Brava. And the mud and silt is nearly gone. And our ‘new’ levee spillway is looking grand. And an 85 and 69 year old couple is doing it all. Feeling smug, doncha know…=]

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