Attic Dark, Lemon Tart

A Attic

Dark(er) palette here. Reworked a no-where painting from last year with blacks and Paynes cut ins. After the fact looks like a cluttered china cabinet or an attic interior with a window up above. A collection of urns (coffee cups?) Cluttered order. 26 X 36″ (~66 X 91.5 mm) Acrylic on canvas, collage, wee spray paint. A black-brooder is still steeping.

Just to be contrarian (?), painted the following confection at the same time, as fraught with meaning as a lemon tart:

A ConfectionThis chalice is starting to show up, even static in the attic. This one is active though. Happy Little Chalice? OMG CC! 24″ Square (~609.5 mm) Acrylic on canvas, collage, heavy cream, spritz and a twist.

Getting farther afield of WBHD . . . Thanks for letting us see where you are headed too. October will bring the WBHD exhibit at last and we will welcome old friends and new to our home. Looking forward to that and to more painting in November. CC


6 thoughts on “Attic Dark, Lemon Tart

  1. Dark and light touches, in movement too. Both beautiful CC!
    Love how you’re picking up the texture in your photos, I’m struggling with this a bit, a point to discuss over a spritz! Soon!

  2. Photos are getting better. You can see the dif from my earlier posted work posted here. I’m now using a new and much better camera purchased for H’s work as architectural historian. The camera does most of the work. Started using it around process photo post here. Everything else is low-tech. Sunlight gives best results. Still a ways to go. Some things are just impossible to capture well (metallics, white on white.) CC

  3. These are growing on me, Carey. Especially the top one. SOOOO much energy is right! I’m a calmer sort, don’t ya know….takes me awhile to get into this frenetic energy, but I’m getting there.

  4. ….and watch out World for Nolan…no matter which direction she goes!! xc

  5. CC: just looked at these again and see the landscape in the confection one. Title to lead and maybe confuse viewers (always a good thing): The Sky Above, the Mud Below. Yes, I know it was a film, but you can use it, too. haha

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