New Mexican Jen

New Mexican Jen

Thanks to our sponsors Wide Bay TAFE, who helped us build the roaster, and Austchilli, who are providing us with the chillies, and Creekline Hire, who have put up the $ for the materials and the gas to cook ’em!


5 thoughts on “New Mexican Jen

  1. Hey Christine, we can roast almost ANYthing in this little baby! It doesn’t have to be chillies – how about capsicums?

  2. BTW, yes, I KNOW it’s an inflatable Saguaro cacti and they don’t grow in NM, but inflatable cacti aren’t available in all that many varieties! Sometimes we just have to make do 🙂

  3. aw, Christine, I have a step daughter allergic to chile, too. Dang! Jenny….saguaro/schmaguaro, looks good to us up here in the high desert. You guys are having too much fun. The smell of roasting chillies is fabulous, too!

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