Peggy & Joel Brown Charts 1

We were delighted last week to have a visit from Peggy Brown and her husband Joel. In their very brief trip to Australia, they found an opportunity to come to Bundaberg to visit. Apart form a lovely dinner, we also found the time to zip them out to Childers so they could see where the exhibition will be held.

And as we speak Dave Sorensen is settling in to our Artist In Residence apartment at BRAG. Still cant believe we have managed to see two out of four of the Las Crucians over here! Nolan and Carey your turn next!


3 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. ah, the lovely Peggy B. and the handsome Joel B. And both so nice, too! Lucky New Mexicans to be able to be there. Glad we have had such good representation.

  2. I’m so pleased they managed to get to see our beautiful gallery at ChArtS – didn’t think they’d make it on such a brief visit.

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