Art on the trail

While the rather intense pace of travel and hikes across 6 parks in less than 10 days didn’t allow for much down time, I did get in a couple of sketching sessions, trying out my new papers from Oxlades art supply in Brisbane.  One was successful, the other not so (hence not showing final product).  One of the creative challenges was keeping alert for the foraging Kookaburas and Currawongs around the campsites.  They almost snatched a sanger right out of mate, Murray’s hand, yet got a surprise when my former Marine training almost resulted in roast Kook for tea on the next pass. After that standoff, we were left in peace.


Campsite in Bunya Mountains National Park.




Blackdown Tablelands “studio”.




4 thoughts on “Art on the trail

  1. Kookabura sit’n in the old gum tree, very nearly lunch for the ex-Marine.
    Kookabura snack’n on some stolen brie, coulda been served with the breakfast tea?

    Something . . . What a crazy bird.

    Anyhow, Paint Away Soar’n Sun. CC

  2. Bwaahahah! CC we’ve gotta go further with those lyrics! Well done!

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