He’s one of the locals now…

Mt Perry Hospitality Step 1 – expedition 1: Wait until it’s over 36˚C (96.8˚F) before heading outdoors with visitor. Climb up small ridge to bottle tree for cups of tea.


Step 2 – keeping cool: Reward visitor with quintessentially Queensland public bar at the Mulgildie Hotel. Complete with backpacker staff and a couple of delightful ol’ timers at the bar who helped us put the puppy in the coolest, shadiest spot.

Cold beer, cow bar mat, donations for the Mulgildie Bunyip Art Comp… this made up for the weird salad we were served.

080_AW_13 079_AW_13

Step 3 – camp kitchens: We then returned to Casa del Williams to cook Dave a wonderful Asian spicy noodle and seafood meal which turned into prawns on the barbie as a storm delivered a power blackout and we made chilli lemon prawns and fish on the camp stove on the verandah. Seafood all caught by the ‘Nearest’.

I’m sure Dave will talk more about Step 4 – expedition 2 – the lovely, gentle little bush stroll we took him on the next day… where we introduced him to the weeds Lantana and Cobblers Pegs, but also to milk bottles (my favourite Aussie sweet). We did managed to deliver him to his welcome dinner at BRAG in plenty of time.


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