Meeting Dave

BRAG-Chris posing

BRAG-DDS pose with bridgit

BRAG-Chris at laptop

Attached are a few pics Dave took on his phone Thursday evening after his return from Mt Perry.

I had wanted to come to the gallery to test the wall in the carpark for its suitability to show some projections.

Dave was most helpful with the setting up and marking out of positions for the tripod. We took these photos to mark the occasion. Although the images look fairly big here, they were not of a scale to suit me. So, I was unable to do a projection at BRAG for the dinner party.

I will have another test run happening elsewhere next week, so Dave may be able to come and see that.

We had a very nice welcoming dinner for Dave on the Friday night. He gave a short talk about his life and his artwork. I was very interesting to hear of all he has crammed into his life so far….quite incredible, and more to come!!

I’m looking forward to Dave coming to visit me at Dirty Linen. cx


2 thoughts on “Meeting Dave

  1. Beautiful projections Chris. What date is your Bundaberg 100th Celebrations night? I’m hoping it’s when I’m back from NM…

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